Hi All,

If you are visiting my page I have decided to move from offering webpage and graphic design to being my own entrepreneur.  My road has took a turn and the direction is changing.

I have struggled in the Graphics field for quite a while and to survive I need to move to a paying job and interests that are close to my heart. I need to listen to God’s voice and when you keep trying to no avail I believe it’s time to move on. And maybe it was not my calling so to speak?

I have always loved vintage and antiques and now have two shops on Etsy. Not that I’m making a living at it but it is what I love doing. Who would know people would like vintage hankies, but my real passion is making new things out of old vintage Illustrations, such as gift tags, book marks and much more. I search out and find antique books and posters carefully scan them, clean them up and make them available as clip-art and give them new life. I have two shops: “Vividly Vintage Gifts” and “Vividly Design”. Not to mention I also sell on Ebay when I think that is the best platform for my vintage items.

In the mean time to survive I will work for someone else and maybe just maybe for once in my life something will click and something I do will also be something that someone else loves. I’m not getting any younger and I do not want to go down without ever trying. It shouldn’t be so difficult and painful.

When I’m not creating something I’m an advocate for saving the history of my city. saversoedaledenver.com. My head goes many places these days.

Thanks for reading and wish me luck.


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