Hello & Welcome

My name is Karen, I’m a freelance digital designer based in Denver, CO. For me It’s about my passion and finally realizing it’s OK just to be you! (ya it took a while).

My Background

I have always loved drawing as a kid. as a result Like a hermit I would hide in the basement for hours. I think from the beginning It was destiny to be creative in some way.

I studied at The Art Institute of Colorado and Arapahoe Community College  for Advertising and Web Design. I still love to draw but now I use my sketch book for initial ideas then transform them into the appropriate program of choice.

My past experience is with a large publishing company and a very fun non-profit start-up.  This experience has taught me valuable skills that have made me who I am today. Being laid off from both lead me into some hard times that I wrote about. But now I feel like I’m ready for the next creative endeavor and I hope it is with you?

WordPress & Web Design

Besides graphics my critical thinking has brought me to love the process of web creation. I started designing and coding my own sites in Dreamweaver which taught me how to code HTML and use style sheets.  I have switched to WordPress because it’s a Open Source Platform and for the speed of development and functionality.


I’m presently available for freelance or contract positions.  Oh and I’m nice and would love to chat. Really! See how my skills can help you.

Bloom where you are planted.
Corinthians 7:20–24

Karen S. Jackson

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